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Nature fund awards £80,000 to improve the Upper Spey for salmon and more.

We’ve recently received the good news that we’ve been awarded just over £80,000 from NatureScot’s Nature Restoration Fund to deliver our latest habitat enhancement project on the Upper Spey on Glenshero Estate. Following the success of our similar project on another upland tributary, the River Calder, we will be installing around 60 – 80 Large Woody Structures (windblown trees with root plates attached) into the river. 

These structures mimic natural deadwood which is missing from the system due to the absence of bankside woodland, and play a vital part in restoring natural physical processes in the river, which in turn create a diverse habitat of pools, gravels and riffles, essential for the different stage of the salmon lifecycle. As well as providing habitat for fish and other life to shelter from predators, high flows and increasing water temperatures, the wood will also boost food supplies for invertebrates and the fish which feed on them.

This project is supported by the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund, managed by NatureScot.

Penny Lawson – July 22, 2022