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At the Spey Catchment Initiative (SCI), we are bound by a common purpose: to create a sustainable, climate-resilient, and thriving natural environment for wildlife and communities throughout the Spey Catchment. We see a future where the Spey ecosystem thrives, where natural processes are restored, and the biodiversity of our rivers and habitats flourish in harmony with our local communities.

Our mantra encapsulates this mission succinctly: “Caring for the rivers, landscapes, wildlife, and communities of the Spey catchment.

The Spey Catchment Initiative is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), number SC052191, committed to creating a sustainable, climate-resilient and thriving natural environment for wildlife and communities throughout the Spey Catchment.

The Spey Catchment Initiative was established in 2010 as a public-private partnership, with the critical mission of implementing key actions from the 2003 Spey Catchment Management Plan. This foundational plan was later superseded by the more comprehensive 2016 Catchment Management Plan and now a third iteration, published in 2023.

We have grown into an organisation steered by representatives from partner organisations, engaging a wide array of stakeholders – from landowners and managers to recreational users, communities, and industry – on many environmental issues and topics.

In a significant step forward, we recently became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), number SC052191, further solidifying our commitment to the Spey Catchment.

In recognition of our dedication to the Spey Catchment, we proudly obtained the status of a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), with charity number SC052191. This transition marked an important milestone in our journey, expanding our capabilities to protect, restore, and enhance the unique characteristics of the Spey Catchment.

As a SCIO, we are committed to fulfilling our purposes as outlined in our constitution. We aim to advance the environmental sustainability and resilience of the entire River Spey and its catchment, developing a cohesive and sustainable approach to landscape-scale stewardship of the water environment. Our work involves promoting environmental improvement and protection, including the preservation of the natural environment, conservation of wildlife, and the promotion of sustainable development.

We are also dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of the River Spey system, engaging stakeholders and communities through education and outreach. We believe in supporting the advancement of heritage and culture, preserving historic sites, traditions, crafts, skills, and more.

Our evolution into a SCIO is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the Spey Catchment and its people. We look forward to continuing our work, following the principles of sustainable development, to ensure that the natural beauty and diversity of the Spey Catchment endures for generations to come.

Since our inception, the Spey Catchment Initiative has made significant strides in conservation. We have successfully delivered numerous projects, each contributing to the health and vitality of the Spey Catchment. Among these, the Allt Lorgy River Restoration Project stands out, earning us the prestigious 2020 UK Rivers Prize at the River Restoration Centre annual conference.

The success of the Spey Catchment Initiative is deeply rooted in our close-knit relationships with our partners, funders, and the landowners of the Spey Catchment. Together, we’ve embarked on a shared journey of environmental stewardship, each contributing invaluable knowledge, resources, and passion.

Our partners range from established environmental authorities like the Cairngorm National Park Authority, Nature Scot, RSPB, and SEPA, to industrial entities like Diageo and Forestry and Land Scotland. Local authorities such as The Highland Council and The Moray Council also play an essential role, along with agricultural and forestry organizations like the National Farmers Union Scotland, Scottish Forestry, SAC Consulting, and Woodland Trust Scotland.

This diverse ensemble of partners, each with their unique perspectives and areas of expertise, greatly enriches our collaborative approach to conservation. The landowners within the Spey Catchment, custodians of the very landscapes we strive to protect, also play a pivotal role in our efforts.

As we move forward, these relationships will remain the lifeblood of our mission. Our collective action will continue to drive impactful conservation projects, ensuring that the Spey Catchment remains a beacon of biodiversity and community resilience.

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Looking ahead, we are committed to scaling our efforts and continuing to deliver impactful, catchment scale conservation projects. Our primary focus is confronting the imminent challenges posed by climate change and increased human activity. We aim to protect and preserve the Spey Catchment, its wildlife, protected species, and communities from threats that loom in the next 10, 50, and 100 years.

We’re not just conserving a region; we’re safeguarding a legacy. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we strive to protect this extraordinary place for generations yet to come. Together, we can ensure that the Spey Catchment remains a sanctuary where nature and people thrive in harmony.

Can you help us make this plan into a reality?

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