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The 2023 – 2030 Catchment Management Plan

In April 2023 the Spey Catchment Initiative partners produced an updated Catchment Management Plan for the period up to 2030. The plan is a broad, high level document which reflects the activities and aspirations of the main organisations currently using, managing and protecting the many valuable resources the Spey catchment has to offer. It is intended as a working document which will be regularly reviewed to take account of relevant changes in policy and legislation, as well as new opportunities and pressures and arising during the next seven years.

Under eight Priority Themes which include biodiversity, flood and drought risk management, water quality and quantity, land management, business and communities, it looks at the main issues and opportunities and identifies ambitious objectives against which progress can be measured. Foremost throughout the whole plan is the recognition that playing our part in addressing the biodiversity loss crisis, and ensuring that the catchment is well-adapted and resilient to climate change, are central to all that we aim to achieve.

Past Catchment Management Plans and Reviews

2017 – 2021 Catchment Management Plan Evaluation

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